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Mission :
To reinvent organizational growth and economic development.
Vision :
To co-create positive change by helping people make sense of complexity.


Is a master strategic co-creation advisor. His speciality is complex problem solving and data analysis.his passions is helping people think clearly and make sense of complex situations in a new inclusive ways. Sidharthan holds a masters degree in data analysis .

He lives in Ireland.


Gautham Srinivasan

A seasoned combinator of design thinking and business thinking with 8+ years of practice experience. He holds a masters degree in human resources and has spent years leading digital transformation consulting practices and helping clients to operationalize transformation.

He loves working with organizational leaders to integrate human centered focus into business practices and organizatonal structures, resulting new opportunities and new resources of revenue.

He lives in Seychelles with his wife.



Is an operations director at Saifive.

He recently joined the team, he has spent three decades in top level management.

His passion is helping to build next generation innovation leadership, having 30 years of experience helping organizational leaders tackle complex challenges and find emerging opportunities for growth. Many clients know him as a masterful-co-creator teacher,executive coach and leadership advisor in addition to being a super administrator

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